Dice provides a complete and detailed overview of each project, including all heritage and classified buildings sensitive to construction and final development phases, so that each aspect is fully integrated and consistent with your presentation. Our team is examining the best possible ways to improve every aspect of the available space, through strategic thinking and structured framework functionalities.

Our expertise consists of maximizing the real potential of each project by creating practical spaces using a wide range of skills and professions to carry out projects from the initial design phase to their concrete completion. We oversee all third-party appointments, such as Structural Engineers, CDM, Lighting, Audiovisual, Building Regulations and Management Officers, while liaising directly with freeholders to manage the relevant licensing approval process and monitoring all consents required on your behalf.

Interior Design :

The Dice team of interior designers treats each project as a unique design journey, carefully considering customers' lifestyles, preferences, and personal needs while interpreting tastes and ambitions to create the perfect home.

The in-depth knowledge and experience of the teams in all forms of design, from custom carpentry pieces to custom embroidery pieces to complex embroidery details on sumptuous fabrics, combined with meticulous details and finishes to create a theme that subtly reflects the intangible aspects of your project.

During the design program, the team relies on a variety of unexpected visual influences and cues, often creating inspiring sketches and sample plates containing color palettes of various materials and fabrics, making the design process a collaborative journey, built on a concept of your ideal to deliver your visual history.

Project Coordination :

Dice's project coordination team is an integral part of our delivery process and is therefore essential to the success of each project we carry out. As a central point of communication, they are the link between our clients, consultants, and other stakeholders. They provide a flow of relevant information, from general updates to monthly financial reports, and follow-up.

Our project coordinators work not only within strict schedules and budgets but also with the confidence and trust of their experience, ensuring that each assignment is completed on time, within the limits of the resources allocated and managing every aspect from design to completion, achieving exceptional results in relation to quality. the work we require.

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